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Australia has a strong history of scientific innovation and adaptation to support its sustainable and globally competitive agricultural production.
According to Australia’s Federal Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (“DAFF”, www.daff.gov.au), the agricultural and food industries are integral to the country’s economic and social prosperity, with the majority of food sold in Australia being grown and supplied by Australian farmers, and more than half of agricultural and food produce exported.
While agriculture and food production account for 12% of Australia’s gross domestic product, with export receipts dominated by the mining sector, DAFF works with the meat, dairy and wool industries to improve their trading opportunities and Australia’s farmers benefit from the scientific advice and economic research findings it delivers.  Investment in R&D has long been regarded as an important source of productivity growth in Australian agriculture.
The Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations indicates that of the total land area of Australia, only 10% is suitable for sown crops and pastures and a further 35% suited to rangeland grazing with cattle and sheep.  However DAFF indicates that Australian farmers and graziers are increasingly aware of and applying sustainable farming practices to ensure the agricultural land remains productive and many farmers are also monitoring natural resource condition on-farm and managing to minimise impacts off-farm.
PGG Wrightson Seeds operates primarily across the Dairy, Beef and Sheep sectors in Australia.  It is estimated that its products are sown on over 1 million hectares of Australian pastoral farmland every year. This area is serviced through 10 PGG Wrightson Seeds facilities located from the deep south in South Australia right up to the northern area of Queensland.
PGG Wrightson Seeds has been in Australia for over 75 years and is committed to helping the Australian pastoral industry improve profitability by leading the way and showing continuous innovation to ensure that Australian farmers can maximise the returns from their land. This is driven by an extensive R&D site in Victoria, and seed trials operating at multiple sites throughout the country.
In recent years, PGG Wrightson Seeds commitment to R&D has led to noticeable advancements in pasture performance. This includes new cultivars delivering increased on-farm production and improved animal health, and novel endophyte technologies providing superior pest resistance.
PGG Wrightson Seeds are positioned for growth given favourable sector trends and dynamics combined with the companies’ unparalleled combination of agricultural and international trade experience, national infrastructure, brand awareness, R&D advances, and best practices.
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