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Agria Corporation Provides Additional Updates on ADR Program Termination

--ADS Holders Need to Confirm with Their Custody Agent (Broker) To Enter the Cancellation Process--

--Agria reiterates its controlling stake in PGG Wrightson (NZSW: PGW)--


HONG KONG, May 15, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Agria Corporation (“Agria” or “the Company”), today provided additional information regarding the cancellation of the Company’s American Depositary Receipt program.

As background, last year Agria Corporation instructed its depositary bank, BNY Mellon (“BNYM”), to wind down the ADR program. Each ADS holder is entitled to take possession of the two underlying ordinary shares of Agria for each American Depositary Share (“ADS”) they own.

All Agria ADS holders are encouraged to contact their broker or other institution with custody of their ADSs to enter the cancellation process and arrange for the delivery of ordinary shares. BNYM will deliver the ordinary shares to the broker or other custody agent of the ADS holder. For shareholders whose broker will not accept Agria’s ordinary shares, Agria will issue and mail physical certificates directly to the ADS holder (or the custodian of the holder). For any inquiries on the ADS cancellation process, please contact April Wang at

In response to many shareholder inquiries, Agria also reiterated that shareholders’ ownership rights in the Company are unchanged. The delisting of Agria’s ADSs from the New York Stock Exchange and cancellation of the ADR program do not affect shareholders’ right to benefit from and participate in the economic success of Agria and its subsidiaries. In particular, the Company reminds shareholders that it continues to hold a controlling stake in PGG Wrightson Limited (NZSE: PGW) ("PGW"), a New Zealand-listed company, and as such shareholders can continue to benefit from and participate in the success of PGW in the same proportion as when Agria was publicly traded.

Investors can review the most recent announcement and others from PGW relating to financial performance, dividends, management changes and the announcement of a strategic review by accessing the following link:

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Agria is a global agricultural company with three principal business segments: Seed and Grain; Crop Protection, Nutrients and Merchandise; and Rural Services. The Seed and Grain segment is engaged in research and development, production and sale of a broad range of seed products and trading of seed and grain products globally. The Crop Protection, Nutrients and Merchandise segment operates an extensive chain of retail stores that supply farm input materials. The Rural Services segment provides livestock trading, wool trading, irrigation and pumping, real estate agency and other agriservices. For more information about Agria Corporation, please visit


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Keywords: Agria  Corporation  Provides  Additional  Updates  on  ADR  Program  Termination 

--ADS  Holders  Need  to  Confirm  with  Their  Custody  Agent  (Broker)  To  Enter  the  Cancellation  Process--

--Agria  reiterates  its  controlling  stake  in  PGG  Wrightson  (NZSW:  PGW)-- 

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