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Kean Seng U, Head of Corporate and Legal Affairs


U Kean Seng serves as our head of corporate and legal affairs effective December 5, 2008. He has extensive experience in advising multi-national corporations and sovereign entities on direct investments in The People's Republic of China as well as offshore mergers and acquisitions of foreign assets by The People's Republic of China entities. Mr. U was previously practicing as a Partner in Singapore firm of Shooklin & Bok LLP, focused on East Asia, and he practiced and led a corporate finance team in Allen & Overy Shooklin & Bok, JLV, an international law venture partnership with London based Allen & Overy LLP.
Mr. U sits as independent and non-executive directors of several public listed corporations. Mr U received Bachelor of Laws (Honours) degree from Monash University (Australia). He is a Barrister-and-Solicitor, Supreme Court of Victoria, Australia; Advocate & Solicitor, Supreme Court of Singapore and Solicitor of England and Wales. In addition to his extensive legal knowledge, Mr U is also a qualified Economist, having completed his degree majoring in Economics and Accounting, B Ec at Monash University, Australia.


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