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Tongming Song(宋同明), Breeding Expert
Professor Song is a specialist receiving special allowance from the State Council of People’s Republic of China(国务院特殊津贴). He served as a professor and doctoral supervisor at China Agricultural University (中国农业大学) in 1989, an honorary professor of the University of Illinois in the USA (美国伊利诺大学), a director of the Plant Genetics Breeding department of China Agricultural University, and a part-time professor of the Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Science (中国农科院研究生院). He is an advisor to leading global agricultural companies such as Pioneer-DuPont, Monsanto, and Renessen (a joint venture of Monsanto and Cargill). He has received a First Prize at the National Awards for Science and Technology Progress(国家科技进步一等奖), a Second Prize in the National Awards for Science and Technology Invention(国家科学技术发明奖二等奖), and a First Prize from the Ministry of Trade and Economic Cooperation for Science and Technology Progress(经贸部科技进步一等奖).
Gang Chen(陈刚), Breeding Consultant
Mr. Chen holds a Masters Degree in Corn Genetics and Breeding from Anhui Agricultural University.  He served as the director of Crops Research Institute of Beijing Academy of Agricultural and Forestry Science(北京市农林科学院) from 1988 to 2001 and a part-time professor of Biology department of Capital Normal University (首都师范大学) since 2001. Currently he is the vice director and secretary-general of the Crop Science Society of Beijing (北京作物学会)and Executive Director of the Crop Science Society of China(中国作物学会). He has carried out the breeding of several corn hybrids that have been examined and approved by various provincial authorities. 
Baishan Lu (卢柏山), Chief Breeder
Mr. Lu is Manager of the Edible Corn Seed Department of Beijing Academy of Agricultural and Forestry Science (北京市农林科学院). He has developed more than 30 edible corn varieties of the JINGKENUO(京甜糯) and JINGKETIAN(京科糯) series. Notably, his JINGKENUO 2000(京科糯2000) corn seed has wide adaptability, good quality, high yield and strong anti-adversity, causing it to become the leading variety of edible corn seed for planting in China. In 2005, South Korea approved JINGKENUO 2000(京科糯2000) as its national variety. As the first exported corn strain from China, there are now hundreds of millions of ears of corn exported to South Korea each year. 
Changchao Su (苏昌潮), Executive Vice Director of Agria Institute of Agricultural Technology, Senior Breeder
Dr. Su holds a Doctoral Degree of Agronomy, majoring in Crop Genetics and Breeding, from Nanjing Agricultural University. Before joining Agria Academy, he served as an Associate Breeder/Commercial Breeder at Monsanto China from 2002 to 2006, and a Research Scientist in the Beijing Research Center of Tieling Pioneer Seed Research Company 2006 to 2012. Dr. Su was instrumental in developing the two of the most popular corn hybrids in China for Pioneer, Xianyu335(先玉335) and 32T24. 
Weiming Huang(黄伟明), Breeder
Mr. Huang holds a Bachelor degree in Crop Genetics and Breeding from China Agricultural University. Mr. Huang joined the Company in 2007, and is engaged in edible corn seed and field corn seed breeding. He is expert in breeding the waxy corn variety Linou 2119(丽糯2119), which was examined and approved by the Verification Committee of Crop Variety of Beijing Municipality(北京市农作物品种审定委员会).
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