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Agria is a global agricultural company with four principal business segments: Agency, Retail and Water, Seed and Grain and Others. Agency includes rural Livestock trading activities, Export Livestock, Wool, Insurance, Real Estate and Finance Commission. Retail and Water includes the Rural Supplies and Fruitfed retail operations, PGG Wrightson Water, AgNZ (Consulting), Agritrade and ancillary sales support, supply chain and marketing functions. Seed and Grain includes Australasia Seed (New Zealand and Australian manufacturing and distribution of forage seed and turf), Grain (sale of cereal seed and grain trading), South America (various related activities in the developing seeds markets including the sale of pasture and crop seed and farm inputs, together with operations in the areas of livestock, real estate and irrigation), and other Seed and Grain (research and development, international, production and corporate seeds). Others includes our business in China, which contracts with farmers in China to supply maize corn product and in turn after processing it then sells seed through a distribution network throughout the country.


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