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With millions of dollars invested annually, PGG Wrightson Seeds’ ("PGWS") research programs are focused on developing new forage and turf products for the major markets of New Zealand and the temperate regions of Australia, the United States, South America and Europe.  The primary goal of our research is to enhance farm productivity and profitability.
The development of new forage products is the primary focus of our over 30 full time research staff enhanced by primary research partnerships with AgResearch and Plant and Food Research in New Zealand and Australia.  We have R&D alliances in Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, USA, France and the Netherlands either directly or through our research partners.
We are world leaders in delivering forage innovations to our farmer customers.  PGG Wrightson Seeds holds market leadership positions in temperate regions for forage ryegrass, tall fescue, white clover, forage brassicas and herbs.
Novel endophytes for ryegrass and tall fescue, developed in partnership with AgResearch, have been a technological breakthrough for pastoral industries.  Importantly, the grazing animal is fully integrated into our breeding effort.
Our turf grasses dominate the browntop and ryegrass markets in Australasia. 
Other aspects of our research program include the breeding and evaluation of arable crops such as wheat, barley, oats and triticale. Through a joint breeding program with Heinz Watties and Plant and Food Research, we develop vining peas for the process market.


Discovery Research



Product Development and Delivery

• Product evaluation under grazing systems
• Develop management and support packages for the Sales and Marketing Team
• Protect Intellectual Property – PVR and patents
• Produce nucleus seedstock for the Production Team
• Seed certification
• Maintain quantities of nucleus seed through production and storage in coldstore
• Contract services to agricultural chemical and seed companies


R&D Partners


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