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We adopt an R&D model that utilizes both self-development and strategic alliances/partnerships.  We built an open R&D platform that ultimately aims at commercialization of cultivation and breeding results.  In China, we have built strategic partnerships with six professional institutes, including Beijing Academy of Agriculture and Forestry Sciences and Beijing Agricultural University.
We work across a wide range of environmental conditions and actively breed plants in regions from severe drought stress (less than 500mm rainfall) to sub tropical and tropical environments.  We have a world-class research team as well as partnerships with leading research organisations in New Zealand, Australia, South America and other countries and utilise the world's leading breeding techniques.
Our forage breeding includes the animal as a key part of the development and evaluation of new varieties and we develop grazing systems and management practices to support the new varieties we develop to better aid farmers in getting the best out of the new varieties.
Agria Academy
Agria Academy is a professional institute of agricultural cultivation technology research and development in China. The R&D facility is designed to develop advanced planting and seed cultivation technology for new strains of forage seeds, corn seeds and vegetable seeds. Additionally, this facility has resulted in the formation of cooperation agreements between Agria and several domestic and foreign research institutes and universities to provide reliable, ongoing technical support for the rapid development of Agria’s seeds business in the region.
In terms of forage research, Agria Academy is closely working with PGG Wrightson’s research resources, and focusing on the research and development of new forage varieties suitable for the ecological environment in China. Agria Academy successfully cultivated disease-resistant and high-yielding forage varieties, including alfalfa, white clover, smooth bromegrass, flat fringe wheatgrass, orchardgrass, annual ryegrass, perennial ryegrass (husbandry type), tall fescue, bahiagrass, sudangrass, chicory, bird’s foot trefoil and other high-quality varieties.
In terms of corn seeds research, Agria Academy is mainly focused on edible corn. Extensively collecting germplasm resources globally, and utilizing advanced biological techniques, AIAT successfully cultivated sticky corn varieties, including Jing Ke Nuo 2000, Jing Hua Nuo 2008 and Jing Zi Nuo 218, which are all accredited as national varieties. Agria Academy also cultivated Jing Ke Tian 183, Jing Ke Tian 2000 and other new sweet corn varieties.
In terms of vegetable seeds research, Agria Academy is focused on cucumber, tomato, pepper, celery, eggplant and other major categories of vegetables. Agria Academy is the first privately funded research initiative to cultivate a new variety of hard flesh tomato in China, reaching a level of technical competence for modern agriculture that ranks highly among international peers. Agria Academy also cultivates cucumbers, peppers, eggplant, celery and other new varieties of vegetables, which are suitable for cultivation in different seasons. These new varieties are being promoted in more than 20 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, and are well received by farmers.

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